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Hi!! I am so excited to launch this blog and share my love for all things travel, fashion and more! Writing has been one of my favorite hobbies and honestly, helps me keep sane. I love that through this platform, I get to document my thoughts and share my experience with you! If anything, my goal for anyone who views this blog, is to take something of value from my story, whether that be advice, a new recipe or a travel recommendation. As a millennial, it’s hard not to compare yourself to your peers that are in completely different phases of life than you are. We truly are all on our own journey’s and can learn so much from each other!

On this blog you will find travel tips and tricks including *almost* everything to see and do as well as the best restaurants in each city. I am based in Boston but frequently travel across the US discovering all the best spots and hidden gems. I’ve highlighted a destinations page on my site that is easy to navigate so you can easily map out your trip! While I do like to live minimalistic, fashion and items that make my life easier are frequently in my shopping cart, so I’ll be sharing those finds right here! I love discovering new finds and searching for the best sales, especially over on my LTK (Like to Know It) page. Lastly, I love to cook and bake so there will be an occasional recipe post here too! Hence the term “lifestyle” blog, I couldn’t pick a favorite topic to niche! My recipes do not include peanuts or nuts (except almonds) because I am highly allergic so if you like easy and delicious recipes without the nuts, I’m your girl and this is your spot!

If you like what you see on text, there’s even more visually over on my social media pages! My instagram (@megancathlene) has more of an ‘aesthetically pleasing’ vibe and on my TikTok (@megancathlene) I share relatable, funny content with trending audio. In the future I hope to add to my Youtube page as well! I love making new friends and supporting each other so don’t be shy to connect and say hi!

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